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Get the latest insights, news and opinion from the compliance technology specialists. Find out what’s new, what’s changing and what the future holds in the world of corporate compliance, market abuse and conflict of interest regulations and technology.


Employee Political Donations: How Compliance Software Can Help You Track Them

Personal political donations are on the rise in America. Here’s a primer on why it’s happening,..

Women in Tech, Women at Star

Go for it! And then keep going! So offered one of the Star employees we reached out to for..

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Last month we covered the upcoming change in leadership at the SEC. Today we cover equally..

Regulation: What To Expect From The New Head Of The SEC

President Biden has tapped Gary Gensler to be the new head of the SEC. Here's what you need to know..

More Than Ticking The Box: 5 Tips On Certifications From The LSE’s Head Of Central Compliance

There’s no perfect solution. 100% completion means 100%. Get all five tips on the certs process and..

APAC Regulation: Malaysia Ups The Anti-Corruption Ante

Better known of late in global finance circles for the 1MDB corruption mega-scandal, Malaysia may..

Brexit: What The FCA Wants You To Know

With the transition period over, and a trade deal done that doesn’t cover financial services, the..

The Top 10 StarCompliance Blogs Of 2020

It’s countdown time! From compliance control room, to COVID-19, to holiday hijinks, to infamous..

Certifications: Getting The Heart Of The Compliance Process Right

The case can be made that certs are where compliance starts. Your employees attest they’ll do the..

The Holidays At Home: How Star Staff Are Celebrating This Year

It’s been a tricky year, and chances are you and yours are facing a tricky holiday season. Star..

3 Big Questions, 3 Big Answers: Solving For The Remote Workforce

From our Star Fall Forum breakout session on compliance challenges and solutions in the era of..