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StarCompliance adds international news feeds to compliance software to address continuing crack-down

by StarCompliance September 10, 2013

Star Compliance announced today that it has added international news feeds into the Insider Trading module of its compliance software solution. The international feeds, together with the existing domestic news feeds, provide access to global market...

Insider Trading compares employee, firm and client transactions against market events to detect trades based upon Material Non Public Information (MNPI)

by StarCompliance July 26, 2012

StarCompliance announced today the release of its Insider Trading compliance software to help firms comply with rules around the use of MNPI when conducting personal, firm and client trades. The new module tracks transactions against stock price or...

“Board Room Ready” reports

by StarCompliance January 26, 2012

StarCompliance announced today the release of its Graphical Reporting module to help firms aggregate information from across the StarCompliance system and present it in graphically rich, board room ready reports. The new module features drag and...

How Secure is Your Financial Data?

by StarCompliance November 22, 2010

Five Questions to Ensure your Compliance Software Provider Meets Your Security Needs

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