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Our experts partner with compliance teams around the world to provide customizable, user-friendly software solutions designed to simplify every-day compliance processes while ensuring you meet the strictest regulatory standards.

Our system offers a host of benefits and reassurances for compliance leaders, compliance teams and technology specialists.

Automated conflict of interest detection and mitigation helps your compliance teams work better, faster and more effectively. The rigor of our reporting, surveillance, certification and security systems provides complete peace of mind for Chief Compliance Officers and board members.

Helping you to detect and prevent market abuses that could jeopardize your reputation and regulatory compliance. Actively manage insider lists and investigate employee trading in the context of current market activity and events.

Clear deals faster. Centralize deal data. Reduce your risk. Compliance Control Room lets you organize, manage, and monitor your firm's most important information flows from a single platform.

Whether for work or pleasure, it’s a mobile world. And a mobile workforce calls for mobile solutions. Introducing STAR Mobile. With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go. Supervisors review escalated requests anywhere there’s a cell connection.

Helping you to actively manage employee trading in the context of market activity and events to guard against insider trading.

Create unlimited projects to easily manage and monitor dynamic lists of employees who have access to insider information.

Compliance Control Room's enterprise-level single platform centralizes all your firm's deal-related activity—letting you manage control room activities more efficiently and effectively.

Increase employee participation. Increase data accuracy. Increase responsiveness. STAR Mobile is a native app that makes compliance simple, easy, and convenient.


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