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Get the latest insights, news and opinion from the compliance technology specialists. Find out what’s new, what’s changing and what the future holds in the world of corporate compliance, market abuse and conflict of interest regulations and technology.

Looking Ahead With Confidence: 2024 SEC Exam Priorities

Compliance is a hard job. Plain and simple. In recent years it seems that many of those within the..

The Compliance ‘Whistle-Stop’ Tour

In a world where adherence to regulatory standards must be the gold standard, we need a candidate..

Personal Account Dealing Policy and Compliance

What the FCA has to say about personal account dealing, and how StarCompliance can help.

The Importance of Market Abuse Surveillance

Market abuse covers a wide range of behaviors that serve to manipulate investors, give brokers an..

Top 10 Features Every Compliance Platform Should Have

Solutions can remain in place for years. Here's how to choose one you can live with

Insider Trading: Without Effective Employee Compliance Monitoring, Where Does the Buck Stop?

Failure to comply with market-abuse regulations can lead to severe punishments for both firms and..

Mind the Employee Compliance Readiness Gap

Greater scrutiny from regulators, a new hybrid work environment, and other rapidly changing..

How to Meet FINRA Compliance Requirements in 2023

Complying with all FINRA rules can be a challenge. Understanding the organization and its..