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Get the latest insights, news and opinion from the compliance technology specialists. Find out what’s new, what’s changing and what the future holds in the world of corporate compliance, market abuse and conflict of interest regulations and technology.

SEC Charges Investment Adviser for Policies and Procedures Failures

Late last year, (December 26, 2023),the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) settled charges..

SEC vs Virtu: Why Firms Need to Maintain Robust Information Barriers

In September this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a civil lawsuit against..

Part 2 | Retiring the Swivel Chair: Making MNPI Easier to Monitor for Private Equity

In the second of two blogs regarding the “swivel chair” Compliance professionals experience when m..

Retiring the Swivel Chair: Making MNPI Easier to Monitor for Asset Management Firms

Monitoring access to material, nonpublic information (“MNPI”) is too often managed in a ‘swivel..

Meet The Latest Compliance Expert To Join StarCompliance: Steve Brown

Steve Brown, Star's new Managing Director and Head of Business Development, arrives with a wealth..

Top Takeaways From The 2021 StarCompliance Fall Forum

Fixing a bad cert send. The power of repeatable workflows. Unknown unknowns and how to surface..

Adopting A Hybrid Work Model? Keep 3 Things In Mind To Protect MNPI

Control room officers must keep MNPI in all the right places, no matter where monitored employees..

5 Control Room Strategies For The Coming World Of Hybrid Work

Stay flexible with your people. Risk-rank your projects. Document your processes. Go in-depth on..

The StarCompliance Guide to Control Room Compliance Software

Do you have the control room software you need to keep up with evolving compliance regulations? In..

5 Key Data Streams for 360-Degree Compliance Control Room Solutions

Control room officers can struggle to monitor the constant flow of deal-related activity and..

Three Ways to Automate Your Control Room for Greater Optimization

As firms expand, the increasing volume of MNPI and deal-related data can tax compliance officers if..

How Star's Latest Control Room Software Gives The Best Decision Support Yet

A new version of Compliance Control Room calls for a preview of what’s new and a review of..