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Our experts partner with compliance teams around the world to provide customizable, user-friendly software solutions designed to simplify every-day compliance processes while ensuring you meet the strictest regulatory standards.

Our system offers a host of benefits and reassurances for compliance leaders, compliance teams and technology specialists.

Automated conflict of interest detection and mitigation helps your compliance teams work better, faster and more effectively. The rigor of our reporting, surveillance, certification and security systems provides complete peace of mind for Chief Compliance Officers and board members.

Helping you to detect and prevent market abuses that could jeopardize your reputation and regulatory compliance. Actively manage insider lists and investigate employee trading in the context of current market activity and events.

Clear deals faster. Centralize deal data. Reduce your risk. Compliance Control Room lets you organize, manage, and monitor your firm's most important information flows from a single platform.

Whether for work or pleasure, it’s a mobile world. And a mobile workforce calls for mobile solutions. Introducing STAR Mobile. With STAR Mobile, employees pre-clear activity and report transactions on-the-go. Supervisors review escalated requests anywhere there’s a cell connection.

Helping you to actively manage employee trading in the context of market activity and events to guard against insider trading.

Create unlimited projects to easily manage and monitor dynamic lists of employees who have access to insider information.

Compliance Control Room's enterprise-level single platform centralizes all your firm's deal-related activity—letting you manage control room activities more efficiently and effectively.

Increase employee participation. Increase data accuracy. Increase responsiveness. STAR Mobile is a native app that makes compliance simple, easy, and convenient.

Why End-To-End User Support Is Crucial For Compliance Software

Increasing compliance software adoption requires improving the user experience. StarCompliance Product Manager Will Haggerty tells you how the STAR Platform gets you there and in the process simplifies financial services compliance

Compliance officers know it’s critical that employees complete their compliance tasks, but for employees themselves these tasks are seen as administrative duties on top of already busy to-do lists. The more complex and time-consuming these tasks are, the less likely employees will be to complete them accurately and on time, and the more likely it is they’ll put the firm at risk for violating financial regulations.

Compliance softwarecan make checking off compliance tasks easier on employees, but not all software is created equal. You can’t just throw employees into a complicated platform and expect them to know how to use it, and you can’t expect busy employees to spend much of their own time trying to figure it out. Instead, you need compliance software with built-in education and training tools to streamline the user experience. 

Imagine this situation: A new employee joins the firm with little past experience in financial services. The tasks of reporting outside investment accounts and past political contributions are entirely new to her. So she logs into the compliance software to complete these tasks, but she has no idea where to go from there.

Alternatively, say a seasoned professional joins your firm, but her past firm used different compliance software. Your platform is likely to have different workflows, navigation, and other aspects that will present a not-insignificant learning curve for this new employee. In either case, she'll have to stop what she’s doing, reach out to a compliance officer for help, and wait for an answer before she can move forward with a compliance task. By the time she gets an answer, she'll have likely moved on to other things and forgotten the task completely. 

Not only does this put the firm at risk of breaking important regulations, it could also mean missed opportunities for employees. If it’s a personal trade, for instance, and your employee doesn't know how to search for a specific security or submit an approval request, she may choose not to trade and thus lose out on potential personal gain. Or, for gifts and entertainment approval requests, perhaps she doesn't know the process for adding a contact before taking that client to lunch. Now she can’t continue with the declaration and complete the task before continuing with the lunch meeting. In short, even the smallest of hiccups can disincentivize compliance, if not outright dissuade activities essential to business growth. 

Ultimately, compliance software shouldn’t add to the already complex nature of financial services compliance. Software vendors must focus on how to improve the compliance software user experience from end to end to ensure the process for completing every task is as simple as possible. 

At StarCompliance, we want to relieve the heavy load that often accompanies new compliance softwarerollout by providing a modern, flexible tool that not only centralizes compliance tasks but also offers users built-in help and training. As an example, when it comes to onboarding new employees, instead of giving them a lengthy overview of every feature the STAR Platform offers a quick initial walkthrough; then, it offers additional explanations as needed. The reasoning behind this is, if employees only had one training session on the software when they started, they might not even use some of the features they learned about until months later. By that time, they’d likely need a refresher on how to use the feature. Our platform provides tips and walkthroughs as they go: offering short, perfectly placed tutorials on how to use features as employees need them. 

Should someone need a refresher later on, she also has the option to see the tutorial again. The ongoing education, built into the software itself, helps compliance officers avoid consistently revisiting certain training topics and therefore minimizes support cases. It also helps employees operate swiftly and self-sufficiently: this instead of having to wait on compliance officers to answer questions before they can complete their compliance task and move on to the higher-value work you hired them for.

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With clients in more than 80 countries, StarCompliance is a global leader in financial compliance software. Our scalable, easy-to-use solutions provide a 360-degree view of employee and business activity to help firms monitor and reduce risk, meet regulatory obligations, gain efficiencies, and drive employee adoption. To see what Star can do for you, book a FREE demo now.



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