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Get the latest insights, news and opinion from the compliance technology specialists. Find out what’s new, what’s changing and what the future holds in the world of corporate compliance, market abuse and conflict of interest regulations and technology.

The Compliance ‘Whistle-Stop’ Tour

In a world where adherence to regulatory standards must be the gold standard, we need a candidate..

Part 2 | Retiring the Swivel Chair: Making MNPI Easier to Monitor for Private Equity

In the second of two blogs regarding the “swivel chair” Compliance professionals experience when m..

Compliance Management: What It Is & Why It’s Necessary

The regulatory landscape is rapidly evolving, placing new demands on businesses and their..

5 Areas of Focus For Enhancing Your Company's Whistleblower Hotline Program

Establishing a whistleblower hotline program is an essential part of a company's structure, but it..

Extending the Value of Your Employee Compliance Platform with Ecosystem Partners

Ecosystem partners can help unlock significant new sources of value and increase the return on a..

Retiring the Swivel Chair: Making MNPI Easier to Monitor for Asset Management Firms

Monitoring access to material, nonpublic information (“MNPI”) is too often managed in a ‘swivel..

Has Title IX Fulfilled Its Promise of Equality?

When Title IX was signed into law on June 23rd, 1972 by President Nixon the promise of equality and..

Political Contributions – Emails, Texting, and Phone Calls…Oh My!

US presidential campaigning is alive and well, coming to you on any and all devices you own...

Two Departments, One Incident & Policy Management Solution

Human Resources and Compliance departments often struggle to communicate with other departments..


For years, we’ve all paid respect to the disciplines defined by GRC – Governance Risk and..

Staying Up To Date With FINRA’s 2023 Report For Financial Crimes And Outside Business Crypto Activities

Every year, FINRA releases a report on its Examination and Risk Monitoring Program to help firms..