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Get the Most Out of Your Compliance Management & Monitoring Tools

Understanding what compliance solutions best fit your company can help you take full advantage of its compliance management and monitoring features, and maximize the benefits. To help you make the most of your software search, we’re taking a look at the best cloud-based compliance tools and rollout methods to boost the effectiveness of compliance management and monitoring in any organization.

In an increasingly complex business environment, compliance management tools can help an organization keep track of the many moving parts that affect day-to-day business operations. Staying in compliance with the laws, regulations, and standards that apply to your business is critical. Compliance software can save your reputation and money if so much as a toe steps out of line. But finding the right fit is more important than ever when business policies are melding with the functions of management tools.


Compliance software is an expansive area of the business world where finding the most applicable qualities of a program can boost the health and productivity of a company. Compliance monitoring tools can vary in pricing, policy management, risk management, and areas of expertise.

General-purpose compliance tools can cover any industry and provide a more universal approach to monitoring risks, technical issues, and company governance. On the other end of the spectrum, there are specific purpose compliance tools that focus on a particular industry or sector like finance or healthcare.

While both of these compliance tools are helpful, there is a more robust option for those who need it. GRC, or governance, risk, and compliance, software that can connect to other internal initiatives to streamline the monitoring process. It is proficient in reducing risks and covering more ground.


Whichever option fits best, having compliance management tools can provide a multitude of benefits. So with the different options available in software and the different benefits it can give a company, how do you find the best compliance tools for your business?

Here are some points to consider:

  • Are you a public or private company?
  • Which sector do you operate in (SaaS, healthcare, etc)?
  • What job role types do you employ (e.g. marketers, managerial roles, designers)?
  • Which local laws and regulations apply to your business?
  • Do you retain and use private data?
  • Do you have local or international customers or both?

Once you have reviewed these points and explored options for compliance software, it is a good time to consider which reflects your business the best.


Finding the best fit for compliance management tools is important but so is finding the right approach in rolling out the software. This implementation period will aid in the overall success of the compliance software.

  • Consider what the rollout will look like – every company has a different IT infrastructure and different implementation needs
  • Consider risk and liability – an in-house solution can reduce the number of third parties involved in a software implementation but will need more internal resources to keep it up-to-date 
  • Look for automation options – this is crucial for reducing operating expenses, minimizing human error, and maintaining consistent performance
  • Evaluate management capabilities – these should allow adequate monitoring of corporate risks, policies, projects, internal auditing, quality management, document management
  • Data protection – protection of customer/user data is more important than ever and critical in many industries 
  • Training and ownership – understand which departments need to be involved in the vetting process, what training will be required, and what the onboarding process will look like

There are many facets in the world of compliance management tools that can make it difficult to find the perfect match. Understanding your company’s specific needs will provide you with a great foundation to build upon and move forward with confidence.

Compliance no longer needs to be complex! Star’s future-ready platform delivers the protection you need with actionable intelligence to monitor conflicts, meet regulatory obligations, reduce risk and comply with confidence. To see what Star technology can do for you, book a FREE demo now.



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